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Tensor Clean/Rinse 3
Mar 30, 2012

Aqueous Cleaner Tensor Clean/Rinse 3 Removes All Cu and Barrier Film Complexes on Wafers, Pads and Polishing Tool Surfaces.

Testing at major semiconductor facilities has shown that Tensor Clean/Rinse 3 successfully removes Cu and barrier film complexes that form on wafers, pads and other surfaces affected by post-CMP /post-wafer thinning processes.

Cu and barrier film polishing processes produce complexes that contaminate wafer surfaces and are difficult to remove with current chemistry.  These contaminants lead to statistically significant increases in wafer defectivity.  Based on data obtained from dynamic contact angle measurement, specially-designed electrochemical cells and advanced surface analysis methods, Tensor Clean/Rinse 3 removes organic and inorganic residues and particles from wafers and will quickly wet out Cu surfaces and give the surface interim protection against further complex formation.  The product can be used on all types of wafers, dielectrics and metals.

This robust formulation is equally useful for cleaning CMP pads and all surfaces (metals, glass, plastic etc.) that come into contact with post-CMP residues.   It does not affect pad surfaces, pad materials or pad adhesives.  It will not stain or etch metals, glass or plastic surfaces.

Tensor Clean/Rinse 3 is an aqueous, acid-based, highly biodegradable detergent.  It can be applied to surfaces in concentrate form or diluted with DI water up to 4:1, depending on the intended use.

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