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Tensor HTD-4
Mar 26, 2013

Dicing Coolant Completely Eliminates Electrostatic Discharge During the Process Protecting Sensitive Devices

Recent tests at two major IC manufacturers have found that using TENSOR HTD-4 has completely eliminated electrostatic discharge (ESD) generated during the dicing process.

Both manufacturers fabricate some of the most sensitive IC devices that are prone to damage if subjected to ESD during the dicing.  In the past, one of the manufacturers would inject CO2 into the DI water line and then add dicing coolant.  The CO2 was intended to increase the conductivity of the water to eliminate ESD and its effects.  However, tests showed that this did not completely eliminate the problem.  Besides not eliminating ESD, the addition of CO2 to water yielded carbonic acid, increasing the conductivity but making the coolant more corrosive to exposed metals(Corrosion on exposed metals made bonding an issue since the success of bonding on a thick layer of oxide caused by corrosion decreases yields).

TENSOR HTD-4 is a specialized surfactant that uses different technology to achieve corrosion free surfaces while eliminating ESD.  In the case above, oxide formed on bond pads was below 25A thick.  Normally, the IC maker was seeing 80-120A oxide growth when using the CO2 injector and the older coolant technology.

Another manufacturer ran tests on product after dicing with TENSOR HTD-4 to assure proper conditions were being achieved(This empirical test showed shifts in threshold voltage previously attributed to ESD showed no shift when using HTD-4 signifying the ESD had been eliminated). 

Both manufacturers took their CO2 injectors out of service saving associated costs while eliminated ESD and eliminating the potential for oxide formation of exposed metal.

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