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Tensor HTD-3 News Release
May 22, 2009
Thinning TSV wafers through back-grinding process improved through the use of novel coolant / lubricant / corrosion inhibitor, TENSOR HTD-3.
Tensor D-Rinse New Release
Feb 15, 2008
TENSOR D-Rinse greatly enhances post-CMP cleans by effective removal of slurry and pad residue from the wafer prior to entering the CMP cleaning steps.
Tensor HTD News Release
Dec 15, 2007
Major IC packager reports elimination of formation of oxide on exposed Al/Cu bond pads during dicing through implementation of TENSOR HTD coolant water additive.
Patented Caustic Etching Additive
May 09, 2007
A new way to reduce surface roughness produced from caustic etching applicable to silicon wafer producers, MEMS manufactures and solar wafer makers. Intersurface Dynamics is proud to announce that it has been awarded patent 7,192,886 by the USPTO.

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