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Surface Grinding

Surface grinding is normally used to flatten a part to a specific thickness with as little variation as possible.  The process is performed using either a standard surface grinder with a vertically mounted grinding wheel, or on a “Blanchard” grinding machine with a horizontally mounted grinding wheel. 

High throughput surface grinding requires a large volume of a low-foaming coolant/lubricant concentrated on the work-piece/wheel/chuck interface.  Since flatness is extremely important to this process, a large flow of coolant insures constant temperature to minimize thermal effect and hence optimize dimensional accuracy.

Some grinding processes use coolants/lubricants as once-through materials, at a dilution of 500 parts water to one (500:1), while others re-circulate and filter a coolant at a dilution of 50 parts water to one (50:1).  In either case, a constant operating temperature, along with a clean chuck, wheel and work-piece, are essential to prolonging wheel life, ensuring dimensional accuracy and eliminating breakage.

Intersurface Dynamics grinding coolants/lubricants help manufacturers to achieve desired results, with in-use versatility that satisfies the requirements of both once-through and re-circulating systems.

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