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Silicon Wafer

Post-Polish Passivation Rinse

A flat, specular, pure and perfect silicon wafer surface is necessary for building a semiconductor device.  After a wafer has been processed through the many steps of shaping it from an ingot, it goes through a two-step polishing process. The first step removes much of the imperfections, while the second step completes the job.

Since polishing a wafer is a chemical and mechanical process, there is a minute amount of static etching that may occur after the cycle is finished.  To avoid this problem, a post-polish passivation rinse should be applied to the polishing pad before the cycle is over and once pressure has been released.  This will also assist in the efficacy of a post-polish brush clean. Intersurface Dynamics has formulated a post-polish passivation rinse that provides these important process benefits.     

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