Post-Etch/Post-Ash Residue Removal

Efficient removal of complex residue left post-ash is essential to the efficacy of down-stream processes.  This cleaning process must be completed with materials that are environmentally acceptable, safe and cost-effective.  Also, due to the challenges inherent in the use of low-k dielectrics, and new interconnect metals, any effect on electrical characteristics, through contamination and/or corrosion, is unacceptable.

In light of this, cleaning engineers are targeting dilute, highly efficient chemistry that can be filtered and re-circulated, while simultaneously providing lower exposure time and less chance of related problems.

Intersurface Dynamics has developed a series of non-toxic, biodegradable, water-soluble, wet cleaning products that remove the particle and polymer residues and veils that adhere to features after etch. These products can be supplied at a range of pH values for optimal effectiveness, and can be used in batch spray units or immersion tanks.


Tensor DG Series